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[#1] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
今朝見有新機出, 訂價萬一蚊. 個工作人員話俾我知個"咸"係oppo 105d. 等我仲心郁郁. 因為我蠢到相信cambridge audio會平過oppo 105d. 而我有份oppo 5系用的線性供電. 如果佢裡面係5系, 我最多只係換個插就可以俾cambridge用. 點知我對比清楚之下發現原來係oppo103d嚟.


唔通我買過份俾cambridge或oppo 3系用的線性供電俾佢咩!?
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2015-08-07 22:57
[#2] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
不嬲Cambridge Audio 都係較Oppo 低一級,但價錢就一樣!
Ming Sir
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2015-08-07 23:00
[#3] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
等我仲俾佢呃咗一個鐘咁耐. 果然冇咁大隻蛤拿隨街跳.

其實硬件係同OPPO一樣之外, 個SOFTWARE會唔會係同OPPO唔同聲?
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2015-08-08 09:12
[#4] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
隔離台經常話 CA tune 過好 musical 仲好聲過 105/105D 添!
Ming Sir
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2015-08-08 13:34
[#5] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
唔講真係唔知ca新部bd player既然係105D個玉喎

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2015-08-08 17:53
[#6] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
係103D only !

像Oppo 當年打響頭炮嘅 BDP-83, 亦都成為 Lexicon BD-30 嘅餡,D人開頭以為係用83SE 做餡,原來祇係用83 加自家制嘅 Lexicon 重料機殻, 但價錢係83嘅7倍!

最後修改時間: 2015-08-08 19:58:50
Ming Sir
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2015-08-08 19:50
[#7] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
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2015-08-08 20:15
[#8] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
Cambridge Audio份dac係唔同Oppo, Oppo係ESS9018, Cambridge好似係WM8740.

WM8740較為柔聲, ess9018較高分析力. 所以好多聽慣甜味的師兄咪話Cambridge好聲過Oppo.
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2015-08-12 09:04
[#9] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
两個品牌設計取向唔同者,好似Sanyo 的CD拾訊系統落在Simaudio 的CD 机上都可以好靚聲。
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2015-08-12 10:55
[#10] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
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2015-08-12 11:13
[#11] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
C 和 O牌好耐之前,已有Ching講同是BBK生產,但我覺得它們品質不差。

在我木耳聽感,OPPO和Goldmund player都是差不多。:p

最後修改時間: 2015-08-12 15:36:02
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2015-08-12 15:35
[#12] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
Universal or multi-format players have been around. Virtually all big video vendors have a model. The audio market however is limited to mass-market providers like Yamaha, Denon and Marantz and firms like Cambridge Audio and Arcam. Yet the company that sells the most universal players still isn't from this circle. They are registered in the US under the name Oppo Digital Inc. Their products are often heavily modified by specialized audio firm like ModWright or Ayre but Oppo is also well-known for parallel OEM development with other manufacturers which slightly if at all modify the firmware, power supply or output socketry whilst leaving the main modules untouched. One thinks of the infamous Lexicon BD-30 or the very respectable Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD. The firm which offers the entire platform is Winbase Electronics Corp. Ltd. Oppo has an advantage which other specialized manufacturers seem to lack. They react incredibly fast to changing trends and are often first to adapt technological innovations.

Ming Sir
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2015-08-12 21:38
[#13] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
MSB has lead the industry for years with the perfection of new playback technologies. We produced the first high-end CD player using Ladder DAC technology in the 1980s. Then the first AC3 player and first THX approved laser disc player in the 90s. Our XPORT upgrade finally gave access to SACD and high resolution music on discs and our groundbreaking iLink digital iPod system was introduced in 2007. Now the MSB Universal Media Transport is an amazing player for almost any media. It sends perfected, jitter-free digital audio data from its solid state memory to any Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC).
How we did it!

We started out by looking for the very best disc reading technology available. There is just no competition to the core technology of the OPPO BDP-93. This amazing player is loaded with features and plays a mind boggling range of media.
The Drive - Lets start with the drive. MSB makes use of the OPPO Blu Ray drive without modification. Drives are mechanical and will fail in time. Using a stock OPPO drive makes replacement quick, easy and inexpensive. This assures that this keystone of your system will not be put out of commission for lack of a replacement drive.
The Video - Video has become synonymous with formats, decoding, and security. Even for a 2 channel audio system, video is required to browse music files and select formats. Video is constantly changing and so we wanted a way to keep our video up to date. Again there was a major advantage to using the superb OPPO video processing without modification. Firmware updates are released often and can be instantly installed because we have made no superficial modifications to customize the OPPO process (like replacing the OPPO logo with an MSB logo on the OSD). With stock OPPO firmware you have all the advantages of the latest updates and OPPOs customer support. So we took the OPPO video processing and perfectly integrated it with our long proven audio technology and low noise power supply to create the ultimate transport.
The Audio - At this point we leave the OPPO behind and the transport becomes all MSB. We start out by processing the raw audio and storing it in memory. Some formats such as SACD require very processor intensive decimation, which is accomplished with proprietary MSB software with stellar results. Others just need to be read bit-perfect, without resampling or watermarking. The stored musical information is then played back via two paths. First, it is output on the S/PDIF digital outputs. As PCM is limited to 24 bits, formats over 24 bits are processed and the best quality 24 bit signal is provided. These PCM outputs can be attached to any DAC. Four digital outputs are provided in every possible connector type. Alternatively, full resolution jitter-free outputs are provided via the Pro I2S Input Option , the proprietary MSB connection method between all our products. This output can be connected to any MSB DAC with the upgrade installed with perfect timing, no noisy ground connection and extremely low jitter. Just as with our iLink transport technology, there is no connection between the input and the output of the transport. Unlike a traditional CD transport, you are never listening directly to the data from the optical disc. Instead the data is pulled from the media source, stored, rebuilt and clocked back out using a highly stable clock.
Ming Sir
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2015-08-12 21:54
[#14] Cambridge Audio 出新Blu-ray機, 一場歡喜一場空    
=> 基本上其他嘢都係一樣. 只係份DAC嗰部份唔一樣. 其實睇設計CA都幾hea吓. 就咁喺多聲道pair對rca插做兩聲道. 啲DAC個datasheet有寫明要跟啲咩. 我估都係照跟standard design. 唔覺得有咩高低, 只係取向唔一樣. 我呢啲鐘意接近monitor聲的唔係好接受WM啲聲底. 又其實, 我根本唔會用到或睇得上OPPO/CA份DAC, 只係當佢係睇碟的Transport用. :p

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2015-08-12 23:25
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