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[#95] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
咁多人贊, 係咪鱔稿?

Tesla over 300,000 miles

Tyler S, Digital Arts, Aviation, Electric Cars
Updated Oct 10

Note: The person who I’m taking about shuttles people to airports using his Tesla

I knew a person who got his Tesla over 300,000 miles, his battery started to degrade and his motors were wearing off so he took his Tesla into the service center. They changed his battery and gave him a performance motor, which made his Tesla a P85D. I’m not sure if Tesla would give everybody performance motors if their motor wear out, but it was a cool upgrade.

Edit 1: Many of you asked about how much he paid for the service, he only paid for the battery replacement. Since he was still in his 8 year warranty contract, he paid less to get his battery replaced.

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2017-12-14 22:38
[#94] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
In addition
you have a high performance sedan of some 400 hp, and
maintenance expenses should be lower than an equivalent gasoline car?
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2017-12-08 12:57
[#93] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
Is it worth the price?
I have been using my tesla for 2 years now. Here are the breakdown on potential cost saving:
1. Assumed 3 Year Fuel cost (2 Years X 12 months X $5500 (My ave nmonthly spending) = $132,000.
2. Actual usage - Mileage = 45,000 Kms, If my ICE Care has mileage rating of 7 Km/Liter, Price of Gas ~13.5 $/L = $86,786
3. Annual Road Tax. ~$5000 X 2 (EV-ECE Car) = $10,000
4. Savings in Annual Maintenance = Say $6000

Total = 2+3+4 = $102,786.

If I use this car for 5 years, I will have saved ~ $256,965.
So this does make some economic sense.

Add in:
i. Green house emission saving
ii. Driveability factors
iii. Software Upgrades
iv. Recycle potential of the car when the vehicle is reverted back to the conmpany
v. Residual value of the car.

How high would your value your car?
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2017-12-08 12:48
[#92] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
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2017-12-05 20:05
[#91] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    

Is the Tesla Model S worth its price?

Trausti Thor Johannsson, Car enthusiastic, fan of electric cars

I can only say for myself.
I just bought a used Tesla Model S P85. I bought it directly from Tesla in Norway, and the process started out fantastically, but as soon as all the papers were signed, there was no communication, no answer, no status, nothing, for almost 8 weeks. When I got my car these waiting weeks seemed like a small detail, which it wasn’t.

The car is expensive. I have never had a car this expensive. The most expensive and best car I have ever had, was my last car, Peugeot 308 sw 2 Liter diesel, 150 hp, wonderful car. This car is in a totally different league, they use the same roads, that is about it.

The Tesla P85 (even plain 60) is an awesome car. I love it. The interior is roomy, plenty space, the sound system is awesome. It is so quiet, it doesn’t rattle and shake. It almost feels like it is just floating expect when you take sharp turns, it just sticks to the ground like nothing I have experienced before.

The weather here in Norway isn’t good these days, loads of snow and rain so it is freezing and cold and slippery. I have had cars before with rear wheel drive and I never had any love for these cars in the winter time. I have had a lot of front wheel cars and I must say, the Tesla is by far the best car in snow, slippery freezing winter time, am I looking even more towards the summer, you bet. I will admit, I was even scared of getting a car with 422 hp in the middle of winter, but as soon as I drove it on a very slippery parking lot where I received the car, it felt so secure.

I am still getting used to the size. My wife loves the car and my kids love the back seat, the space in the car is just crazy. No bump in the floor.
Is it worth the price ? I don’t know, I think so, that is why I bought it. My friends are envious in a good way, they are glad for me and would like to own one but they feel like it just is too expensive.

I charge my car at home, using the Tesla charger that came with my car, using 220V, 16A. It takes a while, 6–7 hours to charge it. I don’t use my car while I am a sleep, so it isn’t an issue, it is charged when I leave in the morning. I drove to Sweden to shop, 3–400 km trip, not a problem at all, no range anxiety. We have a lot of super chargers and even more of these CHAdeMO adapters, they are everywhere and give you about half the charge of the Tesla supercharger, which is also good for your batteries. At 2.5 kr a minute, which is less than 25 us cents. In an hour you have gone from empty to almost full. It is about 30km drive to a super charger, so that is not an issue either.

I think the Tesla is worth it, I can afford it but I would stretch my budget just to buy one. I think two seat cars are useless, just toys, I might buy one when I am 60 and have nothing better to do. But now, the Tesla is quite practical, fun, extremely safe car.

Though Matthew Innman of The Oatmeal fame just says it the best, click the link : What it's like to own a Tesla Model S - A cartoonist's review of his magical space car - The Oatmeal


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2017-12-05 20:01
[#90] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
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2017-03-15 17:58
[#89] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
似乎霍大班要求和品味係低過 R33 某些師兄, 佢哋最低價限度都要 S500
大班老闆超人都係帶精工, 重低幾級


霍大班晒 Model X

超人得力助手、「打工皇帝」霍建寧近年似乎鍾情於電動車Tesla,繼之前一部紅色Model S,
最近又換新車。噚日佢以電能(006)主席身份出席股東會,離開時順便晒一晒佢部最新款白色Tesla Model X。

呢架白色巨無霸舊年底在港出貨,作為最大賣點嘅Falcon Wing鷹翼車門噚日可謂盡顯身價。
話說霍大班離開時,被大批記者圍住追訪,大班人逼近車門時,Model X仍有足夠空間將門
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2017-03-15 15:18
[#88] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
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2017-03-12 22:33
[#87] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
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2017-03-12 15:46
[#86] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
bought before removal of tax exemption?
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2017-03-12 10:51
[#85] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
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2017-03-12 10:04
[#84] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
New configuration - 70D

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2015-04-08 23:53
[#83] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    

Insane Mode

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2015-01-30 22:38
[#82] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    

Model S Driver Assist

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2014-12-07 13:59
[#81] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
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2014-10-26 15:20
[#80] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    

see the video starting 2:00, it seem the car can follow the line to drive automatically.
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2014-10-22 02:32
[#79] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
You can order Dual Motor version in Hong Kong Website now. P85D only HK$960,200

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2014-10-13 21:05
[#78] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    

Tesla Unveils Dual Motor and Autopilot:

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2014-10-11 12:21
[#77] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    
個樣已經有少少舊要 facelift
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2014-10-11 11:34
[#76] Tesla Model S 香港實際使用分析    

電掣風馳 Tesla Model S P85:

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2014-10-11 11:18
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