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[#18] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    
就算 Tesla EV 被打瓜, 大把其他豪華 EVs 等住入

重有 Elon Musk 好似有兩手準備
Tesla Inc 的 powerpack 近期在法國, 澳, 紐, 成左幾單大 deal. 在美國本土和其他地方都有 projects

A new Tesla Powerpack system brings business almost completely off-grid in France [Updated]
Fred Lambert - Jan. 10th 2018
Now, what appears to be first reported Powerpack project in France has
been installed.
French solar installer Systemes Solaires claims that the system that they have installed at CN Industrie in Brioude (near Lyon) is the first Tesla Powerpack system in France.

Update: it’s actually not the first Powerpack system in France. A similar
1-Powerpack system was installed in Mouans-Sartouxa few months ago.

Tesla is preparing to launch its biggest battery project yet.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Friday that it's halfway done building the world's biggest battery in South Australia. Tesla will build the 100 MW system using several of its massive commercial battery pack, the Powerpack. It will draw energy from Neoen's Hornsdale wind farm that's 142 miles north of Adelaide, ultimately storing enough electricity to power up to 50,000 homes.

Battery products[edit]
In April 2015, the company unveiled its Powerwall home and industrial battery packs,[261][262][263] and quickly received orders valued at US$800 million.[264] The two models included a 7 kilowatt-hour (kWh) wall-mounted unit and 10 kWh unit. The company announced larger-scale configurations for industrial users in units of 100 kWh. The company planned to open source its patents for the entire range.

In September 2016, Tesla announced it had been chosen "through a competitive process" to supply Southern California Edison(SCE) with 20 MW power (and 80 MWh energy) of battery storage. In May, regulators ordered SCE to invest in utility-scale battery systems after natural gas provider Southern California Gas leaked 1.6 million pounds (730 t) of methane into the atmosphere when a well ruptured at its Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility.[266]
In February 2017, Musk announced plans to build three additional Giga factories to increase its battery manufacturing.[267]

After Puerto Rico faced a hurricane, Elon Musk offered to work with Puerto Rico's government in rebuilding its solar energy grid. In October 2017, Tesla brought 700 solar panels to the "Hospital del Niño," where the batteries helped bring care back to 3,000 patients who needed constant care

On August 1, 2016, Tesla agreed to acquire SolarCity Corp. for $2.6 billion in stock. SolarCity is the largest installer of rooftop solar systems in the United States.[98] More than 85% of unaffiliated Tesla and SolarCity shareholders voted to approve the acquisition,[99][100] which closed on November 21, 2016

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2018-02-16 16:41
[#19] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    


傳統車廠可能係電車戰中輸, 因為管理守舊, 主要業務仲係內燃車, 仲同其他廠鬥過你死我活守住既有市場,
又要撥資源創新做電車, 猶豫幾年就世界已經載然不同了.

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2018-02-17 23:04
[#20] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    

Dyson plans three-car EV range
Second and third cars will follow a low-volume first model, as the brand looks to penetrate the car industry from 2019

The Financial Times
reports that the first car, due before 2020, will show the company how to make a vehicle and establish relationships with suppliers, while the second and third cars will enter the market with higher production volumes to further establish the brand among mass-market competition.

More EVs could come later from the brand following the initial three.
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2018-02-18 11:02
[#21] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    

持股一成值702億 料電動車技術獲益

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2018-02-25 11:19
[#22] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    

德城市可禁柴油車 改善空氣質素
法院裁決鬆綁 福士股價急挫


有份入稟地區法院的環保組織 Deutsche Umwelthilfe 認為裁決等同已成功推動柴油車禁令,

戴姆勒(Daimler AG)下跌0.55%,寶馬車廠亦跌0.73%。

由歐盟六期改為加利福尼亞廢氣排放標準 LEV III。有車廠批評現時無車款符合新標準,
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2018-02-28 10:32
[#23] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    
Elon Musk Leaves Tesla, Jumps On Financial Tech
by Seth Fiegerman @sfiegerman
Thursday, March 1, 2018

The real-life Ironman, Elon Musk, has just announced that he will quit his job at Tesla to free up more time for a new company that he thinks will change the world more dramatically than Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City ever could. The name of his new company is CryptoSoft Trader and even though it is not his own idea, he has invested $770 million in it, thus influencing all decisions taken at CryptoSoft Trader.

重有 Elon Musk 好似有兩手準備
Tesla Inc 的 powerpack 近期在法國, 澳, 紐, 成左幾單大 deal. 在美國本土和其他地方都有 projects
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2018-03-01 14:27
[#24] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    
Fake News - Elon Musk To Quit Tesla, Jumps On a Bitcoin Tech Startup

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2018-03-02 00:23
[#25] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    
偉大無私, 贊
唔明都有幾多人踩佢, 想佢摺埋, 唉!

Elon Musk’s announcement that Tesla Motors (TSLA) is treating its patents as open source is a truly daring move. When you consider the patent wars in the mobile space where Apple and Samsung and all parties slug it out over multibillion dollar patent issues, it seems like madness.

However, I believe Musk is right.

In effect Musk is saying the car companies are not his competition. They aren’t. Ford, GM, Fiat and even hybrid savvy Toyota are not competition.
It’s not the companies that are the competition, it’s the internal combustion engine itself that is Tesla Motors' competition and he is not beating it, yet.
OK, saying Tesla is not winning the battle with old technology is a little harsh but as Musk’s says, his sales are only a splash in the ocean in comparison to the vast fleets of gas fueled cars being shelled out of giant factories around the globe by the millions. It is Musk’s vision that if Tesla had some competition it would actually be good for Tesla and would help grow his business.

Musk gave away all of Tesla’s patents. He WANTS other car companies to use their hard won electric car technology to advance their own development and deployment of these clean air vehicles. I would say that Musk is being extremely altruistic

Andre Lavoie, former Engineer at SpaceX (2009-2015)



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2018-03-07 21:26
[#26] 電動車拜拜 - 城寨三不館    


Tesla 賣車不靠廣告宣傳,去年推出 Model3,單靠 word of mouth(顧客幫他免費以口碑相傳,全球熱烈搜尋)和免費媒體報道,一眨眼就達到五十萬張訂單,一等就是一年以上才有新車到手。在如此一直供不應求的情況下,再多作宣傳,後果確實會「不堪設想」。Tesla 的 CEO Elon Musk(馬斯克)幽默的打了個比喻:「當你開一間漢堡包店,輪候漢堡包的人龍起碼要等一個半小時才買到一個包,你還想鼓勵更多人前來買你的漢堡包嗎?」就如 KFC 沒雞賣,嚴重到可能要報警一樣。

其他的汽車品牌如通用和福特,恰好相反,大量投放廣告宣傳,通過成熟的代理網絡,以高廣告成本比例賣車。如 Jaguar,平均每輛出售的汽車就用了超過三千美元的廣告費;排名第二低的Toyota,也要用上接近250美元;作為一個汽車史上最新的品牌,Tesla 僅需每輛車6美元的宣傳費。難怪這一兩年,Mercedes-Benz 也將 Tesla 放到寶馬、Audi、Porsche 幾個頭號競爭對手之列。

這個跟傳統廣告理念偏離的狀態的確值得參考,對於 Tesla,門店展示就是廣告,社交媒體就是最好、最大的資產。擁有一個優質而出色的品牌及 USP 獨特過人的產品,那就無需多作廣告宣傳了。Elon Musk 一直深信另一個道理,就是以一貫 start up 心態,投放更多資源去研發及改良更優質的產品,總比做一些廣告宣傳更加有效。

另一方面,Elon Musk 不但投資有道,同時也是一個 dreamer,不斷追逐夢想。你看他一直致力推動的太空旅程,他賣的,根本就不是車,而是一個 aspiration、一個本來看似遙不可及的夢想,今天就幫你拉近,令你伸手可達。這樣的經營手法,本身就是一套成熟而獨特的市場推廣手法。說穿了,Tesla 並非不賣廣告,只不過是不做那些傳統汽車廣告而已。

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2018-03-09 21:01
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