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本星期六、日 Audi A6 車展 (5月28及29日)
車展優惠 熱哄全城

本星期六、日 Audi A6 車展 (5月28及29日)

為讓全港車迷率先感受全新 Audi A6 先進精良的車體輕量化技術,Audi 將於今個星期六及日(5月28-29日)假 尖沙咀海運大廈展覽大堂舉行 Audi A6 車展。新一代四門五座豪華行政級房車 Audi A6 將聯同多款熱門型號包括 A1 185hp, A4, A7 Sportback, A8 L, 及 Q7 等一同展出。

Audi A6 備有 2.8 FSI Multitronic, 2.8 FSI quattro S tronic 及 3.0 TFSI quattro S tronic 三個版本以供選擇,匯集全方位突破性科技;大量採用鋁合金打造高剛性輕巧車身,並搭載多項尖端多媒體設備,易於操控的同時,更能提供舒適的乘坐空間,勢必成為行政級房車的新貴。

Audi 憑著「突破科技,啟迪未來」的品牌理念,再次以創新科技傾力打造全新 Audi A6。請即親臨 Audi A6 車展參觀選購!為答謝車迷對 Audi 一直以來的支持,全新 Audi A6 更以悅目價 HK$509,000 起發售,勢必熱哄全城,優惠期有限,全港車迷萬勿錯失良機! 

Audi A6 車展活動詳情

日期:5月28及29日 (星期六及日)

本星期六、日 Audi A6 車展 (5月28及29日)

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#1 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:03:36

車展放了 A6 三個版本: 2.8 FSI Multitronic, 2.8 FSI quattro S tronic 及 3.0 TFSI quattro S tronic

#2 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:04:03

2.8 FSI Multitronic - HK$565,000
2.8 FSI quattro S tronic - HK$590,000
3.0 TFSI quattro S tronic - $773,000

#3 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:04:19

2.8 FSI Multitronic 車展特價 HK$509,000

#4 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:07:45


#5 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:09:28


#6 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:14:56

暫時在港發售的 A6 都沒有配備 LED 頭燈. 全部都只配 Xenon Plus headlight

#7 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:18:14

內籠設計和 A7 幾近一樣

#8 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:21:38


#9 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:26:32

8 Speed Multitronic 及 MMI Control (multimedia Interface), MMI 都算幾易用. 但可能我用慣 iPhone 及 iPad, 如果係 Touch Screen 及反應再快一點就更好.

#10 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 03:45:33

LCD Driver Information System

#11 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 04:02:46


#12 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 04:06:40

前座雖然冇 Benz E Class 咁柔軟舒服, 但承托十足

#13 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 04:21:00


#14 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 04:24:08


#15 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 04:26:54

和頭燈設計首尾呼應的 LED 尾燈 及雙出尾喉

#16 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 04:34:10

和 A6 外型唔多合襯的 17 吋輪圈. 2.8 公升型號只配 16 吋輪圈....

#17 - 管理團隊 :
2011-05-29 04:54:19

整體而言, 雖然今代 A6 在外型上沒有很大特破, 但內裡卻引入很多高級型號 A8 的技術/功能。例如 Aluminium hybrid construction, Start stop system with Engine recovery, Audi pre sense, Drive select ... 等等. 這些一連串的技術/功能都是標準配備, 而售價也只是 HK$509,000 起, 可謂十分低買.

#18 - fkclo :
2011-05-29 12:16:39

I was a the launch party last Friday. The new A6 looked better in person than on the web. Definitely an attractive car. From the spec this will surely handles much better than the previous A6.

The few things that I would complain is (a) lack of sports differential as standard, even on the 3.0TFSI model, (b) no adaptive cruise control (just a standard one) which is a shame - because we all know the typical CC will not work well in Hong Kong traffic.

Also, it is not clear if Light vision and heads-up display is available at options.

18" wheels should look much better of the A6. The standard 16" and 17" looks looks very mean on the part of Premium Motors.

BTW, the $509K is a promotion price for the car show. Standard price should cost HK$50K more for the 2.8 model, no quattro.

The 3.0TFSI model (quattro) is listed for over HK$770K. With additional options and bigger wheels it will easily be HK$800K-850K + car. And there may be other choices at this price ?

The good thing is the Drive Select is now standard, and rightly so. This used to be a HK$50K option in other models.

So, it is more like the entry model is a good buy, but not the higher spec models.

#19 - hellow :
2011-05-29 14:27:07

Audi used to have the cosiest interior in the past..

All the ad has the full LED headlamp, how dare they took it away.. it looks exactly like a big A4 while BMW new 5 looks like a mini-7 series...
By the way, the interior of E class looks worse and give the impression of an upgraded euro taxiX)
#20 - hellow :
2011-05-29 15:11:16

E class


2011 A6 PS: should be real wood trim around the gearbox....how come it's plastic for HK or is it aluminium?

#21 - fkclo :
2011-05-29 17:01:03

This is disappointing - not Audi to blame, but the Hong Kong dealer - poor taste and price trimming motives.

#22 - ff4300 :
2011-05-30 01:04:36

Poor taste, yes. but price trimming is good.

However, I don't understanding why DCH remove the LED headlight since it is the signature of A6. Like someone said, LED headlight is promoted by Audi all over the world.

I think this maybe the 1st photo of Audi a6 with xenon plus headlight in internet....

#23 - hellow :
2011-05-30 01:40:46

"I think this maybe the 1st photo of Audi a6 with xenon plus headlight in internet...."

Not really, apparently A6L in China also comes with bi-Xenon lamp as standard.

Without the full LED headlamp, the design looks very very bland..,

#24 - ModernClassic :
2011-05-30 08:13:55

It is good news for people looking for " value " and not so much technology gadget german cars:
16in wheel is very good for comfortable ride. V6 2.8 engine is an old engine, hence cheaper,
good sound proofing for quietness.
so $509k is quite attractive for those who is thinking of mid size german car, but now they can get a mid /large, comfortable german family car!
I don't like the interior, the rough leather in the seats and front wheel drive, its look.

#25 - fkclo :
2011-05-30 23:52:31

I struggled for 2 days and decided to wait, until they include adaptive cruise control, the LED headlight, more wood trims (especially around centre console), and sports differential in a S-line promo package for a 3.0TSFI version ....

Guess this will come in late 2012 :-)

In the meantime, I will look for a RS3 and have some fun... in early 2012.
#26 - hellow :
2011-05-31 01:59:25

"I struggled for 2 days and decided to wait, until they include adaptive cruise control, the LED headlight, more wood trims (especially around centre console), and sports differential in a S-line promo package for a 3.0TSFI version ...."

I was just told actually you can get the LED as an option but that cost you around $25xxx before tax(aka ~$50k after tax)...Now you see how much they're actually asking for a properly equipped new A6. Talking about adaptive cruise control, that's another expensive option even in the S class,7, mostly likely the A8 as well.

By the way, we probably won't see any promoted package for the higher end model like 3.0TFSI. They know very well their hope in this segment lies in the base model alone
#27 - fkclo :
2011-05-31 20:31:57

Just have a look at the option list. All figures are before tax :-

- LED headlight HK$24,500
- B&O sound system with upgraded MMI HK$85,500
- Night vision with colour Driver information system: HK$22,000
- Head up display HK$12,300
- Adaptive air suspension HK$18,000

These alone will make a 3.0TFI model cost almost HK$1.1M. And this do not even include upgrades to tires and rims !!

And most surprisingly, Sports Differential and Adaptive Cruise Control are not even available as options.

Now, the question is with HK$1M what will be my other choices ?

#28 - simcity :
2011-05-31 22:27:38

My friend has just bought the new Audi A6 2.8 front wheel drive last Saturday at $509K. I think it's great value in today's money under the new tax system.

So congratulations to my friend for yet another proud Audi owner !!!
#29 - ff4300 :
2011-06-01 02:31:41

From the options list of Audi A6

Forged aluminium wheels, 6-arm design, size 8J X 17 with 225/55 R17 tyres upgrade priced at HK$6,620

Cast aluminium wheels at HK$8,880.

Which one is better?

#30 - hellow :
2011-06-01 10:07:57

Have you mixed up the prices of the 2??
Forged wheels're supposed to be stronger, lighter and hence more expensive

#31 - ff4300 :
2011-06-01 13:49:59

Hi hellow, I also have same understand that Forged wheel should be better, but from the price, don't know why ...

#32 - hellow :
2011-06-01 22:37:03

probably typo, forged wheel should have cost much more than common casted wheel.
Forged wheel upgrade for 2.8 only but not for the more performance oriented 3.0T just doesn't look right...
Better ask and check how much does the forged one weigh c/o with the casted wheel. Genuine forged wheel should be much lighter than its casted counterpart
#33 - ff4300 :
2011-06-01 23:22:30

I have booked test drive tomorrow, will report the ride with you later.

#34 - jaxx :
2011-06-01 23:38:03

I've just got a a4, the performance is not bad but cannot compare with BMW straight 6 cylinder. The steering wheel is too firm even more than a Porsche. The worst is the seat comfort, my right leg tight muscle badly pain after a short drive. It is a very strange positioning for the gas pedal. I hope it won't happen on a6. But the equipment is quite comprehensive, the build quality is quite good and better than a benz c class.
#35 - hellow :
2011-06-02 02:20:57

ff4300, just a reminder, there will be an almost half a second lag when you accelerate from a complete stop with the Multitronic gearbox(CVT)..see if it's acceptable to you. Also check if the "lag" goes away when you dial in the SPORT MODE. That's pretty much why most prefer the DSG/S-Tronic apart from performance advantage. The dealer is smart and tend to couple the DSG/S-Tronic with Quattro, so one have to pay much more if he has to avoid the CVT.

By the way, Audi steering tends to be feather light with no feedback in recent years so to speak. The Servotronic is way overboosted. BMW & MB also have lighter steering generation after generation.(BMW new 5 even have a full electronic steering system). But at least somehow double B still manage to give you some "pseudo" steering feedback even at slow speed. Audi used to be a sensible choice years ago when they are almost selling at a bargain c/o double B while their finishing was regarded almost as the benchmark among the 3 German marques back then. There are clear signs of cost cutting for the Audi in the past couple of years. On the contrary in view of the challenge posed by Audi, there seems to be a "come-back" by the double B in the way their interior is built, choice of material used, price structured....
So if after adding all the options you have to add to the base A6 2.8"SE" to make it more livable,you find yourself paying much more than the 500k mark, better test drive 5 & e before making the final decision

As for the straight 6 engine(even one not made by BMW), they tends to run smoother than a V6. People tends to have the misconception that any V engine should be silky smooth. That actually only applies to V8 or V12 which have even no of cylinders on each side of the V configuration(4 & 6 for V8 & V12). V6 with an odd number of cylinders on each side actually has more intrinsic vibration than a straight 6 arrangment. For the car manufacturer the advantages of V6 over Straight 6 are taking up less space and cheaper to build & that's it

#36 - simcity :
2011-06-02 20:04:25

Hellow C Hing, sorry to interrupt you, but most of the so called "FACTS" that you mentioned here are basically incorrect :)
#37 - hellow :
2011-06-02 20:30:24

Feel free to correct me then
I used to be an Audi fan many moons ago(when most HKer just named it as the Olympic/4 ring brand) and have had 3 different Audi in my family before switching camp
#38 - simcity :
2011-06-02 22:50:06

OK, no offense here Hellow C Hing :)

Point NO.1

You wrote........

"The dealer is smart and tend to couple the DSG/S-Tronic with Quattro, so one have to pay much more if he has to avoid the CVT."

The truth is.......

"At present, in an engineering point of view, Audi could only produce a front wheel drive A6 either equipped with the traditional automatic gearbox using the torque converter or the Multitronic CVT gearbox. So it's not a trick used by the dealer to cheat money from potential buyers when the only option for the DSG gearbox is the Quattro drive-train. And it's totally unrelated to whether the dealer is smart of not. It's just not feasible mechanically."

Am I correct?
#39 - hellow :
2011-06-03 00:17:26

I 'm wrong with this point then. It should be Audi the manufacturer of the car that fail to provide a non-CVT FF A6 without the Quattro.

My last Audi was the C6 A6 FF(multitronic/CVT) 2.8. At that time I also test drove the Quattro version with tiptronic. Strange enough the Quattro feel much less agile at turns(most likely the added weight from the Quattro) In the end i picked the FF with no awareness of the famous CVT's sluggish start from stand-still(and it's ~30k cheaper). After getting the car, I started noticed the sluggish start from the CVT. Yes i should have notice this at the test drive but somehow I missed it X(. Ask the service centre and of course i was told it was normal for the multitronic...
#40 - ff4300 :
2011-06-03 01:37:47

Finally placed the order to get the A6 2.8 Multitronic .... said to be delivered in Sep/Oct 2011.

Good car but not as dynamic as expected. Reason to get it are value and spacious interior, very comfort and stable ride.

The "audi drive select" do help on throttle response. But don't expect it have huge different.

Noise isolation is so so.

Yes, sluggish start but acceptable. CVT gear change is smooth.

A6 is a big car but drive feeling is not that big.

Not much color to choose, so boring. Get the "Oolong Grey, metallic" color with black interior.

#41 - simcity :
2011-06-03 03:04:23

Congratulations ff4300 C Hing!! My friend also chose the Oolong Grey with black interior!!

Still haven't driven the new A6 yet but driving the A7 sometime ago gave me the exact impression you've described. And it's way better than the last generation A6. As you have said, the new A6 is a "Good car but not as dynamic as expected. Reason to get it are value and spacious interior, very comfort and stable ride." So that's exactly what I am thinking too. It's great value at this price and that's all we need as a middle class luxury executive sedan. Nothing less and nothing more.

#42 - jaxx :
2011-06-03 13:08:16

Another interesting car, the Jaguar XF

Congrats to ff4300 hing too! Very good price indeed. Not much to say! Good Choice! The tyre rim look very stylish too! I think the BMW should learn.

#43 - jaxx :
2011-06-03 13:10:12

I think it is the most sexious car among the BMW5 and Benz E, Audi A6.

#44 - jaxx :
2011-06-03 13:17:45

Except the interior, a bit old style. It needs more dynamic to match the exterior design. Anyone know why Jaguar is not so popular in HK or even in Europe. Is it a reliable quality car?

This facelit XF have a 3.0 petrol. I guess it will be seold approx 600-700K. In EU, they have 2.2 disel. The price is similar to a BMW325 there. I don't think HK government will let it exist in here. What is shame!

#45 - ModernClassic :
2011-06-03 18:49:53

The A6 is to target the execuitve businese car market, hence head/leg rooms and quietness are the most important factors. A V6 engine fitted is also for smooth delivery of power.
The A3, A5 and A7's are for dynamic delivery sporting vehicles.
Jaguar XF is lovely but it is a sporting car, also it is not reliable, repair bill is expensive, hence running cost is very high, second hand value is low!
#46 - fkclo :
2011-06-05 01:53:27

I just compared the pricing of the current S4 and the new A6 - both have the same engine, but the S4 is tuned to produce 33hp more (333 vs 300). The S4 comes with B&O sound system, the "S- package" - trims and sports suspension, higher spec (18") wheels and tyres... and is around HK$20k cheaper.

On the other hand, the A6 3.0 offers Audi Drive Select, Start/Stop system and better MMI and a smaller carbon foot print for the same engine.

So, which one is better value ?
#47 - ff4300 :
2011-06-06 01:40:54

fkclo, S4 should have higher 2nd-hand value then A6.

I will get a S4 if I can spend 750k for a car.
#48 - jaxx :
2011-06-06 21:52:26

S4 & a6 are two different cars. A6 is a comfortable executive car. S4 is more like a sport car. Depends on your needs!
#49 - ff4300 :
2011-06-07 00:29:18

Try the Jaguar XF 3.0 last Sunday.

Good handling because of FR. But steering not as sharp as BMW, a little bit soft/relaxing. But more natural then Audi A6.

Very good outlook. For the price of HK$508k, it come with 18" wheel, touch screen console...

Interior a little bit old fashion but quality slightly better then Audi A6.... especially the leather seat, soft and comfortable.

Since it is sport style as A5, headroom is not as good as Audi A6, but no problem for man with 5'10" tall.

Audi 2.8 engine + multitronic gear box have better acceleration feeling than Jaguar XF 3.0 + 6 speed gear box, especially during 60mph - 80mph.... Jaguar XF feel slow..

Noise isolation is better than A6.

#50 - ff4300 :
2011-06-07 00:30:21


#51 - ff4300 :
2011-06-07 00:35:38

This is facelift version and available in 2012. Therefore the pre-facelift version sale at HK$508k.

#52 - simcity :
2011-06-07 01:16:33

Thanks for your review regarding the Jaguar XF, ff4300 C Hing :)
#53 - mcc_2001 :
2011-06-08 15:30:35

Jaguar vs Aston Martin

#54 - mcc_2001 :
2011-06-08 15:31:57

Jaguar vs Aston Martin - Similar design at the back?

#55 - jaxx :
2011-06-08 19:31:47

mcc hing! yes, look quite similar! But Aston still look much more sexy! Beautiful proportion and details!
#56 - anon99 :
2011-06-08 20:09:45

Does 3.0TSFI come with rear vented brake discs?
Their 3.0/3.2 models used to only have SOLID discs, WTF

Also if 3.0TSFI has no active LSD (sports diff) option that's no good
#57 - mcc_2001 :
2011-06-08 22:48:26

Agree with jaxx hing, especially the front of Aston that looks much more sexy but they are not the same class.

#58 - simcity :
2011-06-09 00:21:13

Aston Martin DBS, it's just gorgeous :)

#59 - 3288 :
2011-06-22 12:33:20

I also confirm a A6 today, the "Oolong Grey, metallic" color with black interior. No option added.
Delivery mid Aug.
I gave up my 2008 A6.
Agree that there has not too much choice of colors.

#60 - simcity :
2011-06-22 12:58:19

Congratulations 3288 C Hing!! I've also got two friends buying the new A6. It's a very nice "executive" sedan :)
#61 - ff4300 :
2011-06-22 13:05:56

Congratulations 3288, many people choose "Oolong Grey, metallic".

You also ordered the 2.8 Multitronic version?

#62 - 3288 :
2011-06-22 14:00:15

thanks guys !

YES, the basic one ( nothing modified + no option added ) . HKD 509K

sunroof 加$
16" > 17 " Rim 加$
rear side windows shields 加$
with spare tire ( so increase its weight )
Dash with 木紋...加$

Anyway compare with my 2008 A6, 有加有減la.
But why you said your car are to be deliveried Sep/Oct 2011 ?
#63 - ff4300 :
2011-06-23 02:33:54

3288, I add the functional steeling wheel.... I will check with the sale lady to see why my car delivered in Sept.
#64 - 3288 :
2011-09-08 11:44:48

>>ff44300, have u got your new car yet ?

delivery of my car till end Sept, b'cose of price reduction of hkd20000.
#65 - ff4300 :
2011-09-08 23:20:15

Hi 3288

Not yet, mine will deliver in early Oct....

If I can choose again, I will definitely get the quattro version...

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