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電腦數碼音樂重播專欄 (6) - HiRes Music Files

昨晚剛剛從韓國首爾回港,下期才為大家介紹韓國音響展。有很多朋友在尋找好聲的 CAS 高清唱片,今次特別介紹一下。今次推介的 HiRes 唱片都可以在美國 www.HDTracks.com 買到。這網站是由發燒界著名 Chesky 兄弟所營運,應該是現時全球市場上最具規模的高清音響音樂網站。

有一點要留意。首先要注冊一個 HDtracks.com 戶口,再選擇你想買的音樂,在付費過程中,你會發現 HDtracks.com 只可售於美國客戶,但是只要你選擇由 Paypal 付費,那便可在美國以外地點用 Paypal 或者信用咭購買 HDTracks.com 的高清音樂。

鋼琴: Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert.
鋼琴: Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert. 

這張鋼琴錄音可謂音響界當世之選,也帶領了很多音響愛好者認識德國慕尼黑 ECM 唱片品牌。迷上 Keith Jarrett 醉人音樂,這是在 1975 年德國科隆 (Koln) 的演出。行水流雲的琴鍵聲在高質素 24bit / 96kHz 錄音中發展得淋漓盡致。那一種魔力是非常深度的層次及人性化技巧。ECM 錄音技術出神入化,大多數錄音都在 300m3 空間收錄。咪高峰都是高級Neumann U87s, 47 (FET), Schoeps 的心形模式。最特別之處是大多以近咪收錄再在後期加上空間感。EMT Plate, Lexicon 224, 480L 到後來的 960L 都可能令人驚訝。Keith Jarrett 本身是個大發燒,使用 Verity Audio 和 dCS 作監聽。何謂 HiEnd 錄音可由此起。 
80 年代流行音樂: Steely Dan - Gaucho
80 年代流行音樂: Steely Dan - Gaucho 

1981 獲得格蘭美 ”最佳非古典專輯策劃” 錄音獎項。超時代的頂級質素與樂手參與。包括 Mark Knop.er, Daivd Sanborn, Larry Carlton, Steve Gadd 等等。上文提及的 Keith Jarrett 成功起訴唱片使用其名字,因為大碟主題歌曲本來是對 Keith Jarrett 致敬。24 / 96 高清版本完全把節奏感與極為清晰的樂器輪廓。錄音與混音由大師 Bill Schee (Sheffield Lab), Elliot Scheiner 製作,Mastering 是 Bob Ludwig。最值得懷念是剛剛離世的 Roger Nichols. 如果你有興趣 80 年代的流行音樂,這張可謂經典。由 Solo 演出,編曲方法可以見到現時流行曲的渺小太令人失望。

爵士: Diana Krall - The Look of Love
爵士: Diana Krall - The Look of Love

整個音響界關注了占士邦電影系列 1967 的 Casino Royale 中 Dusty Spring.eld 一曲 The Look of Love 幾十年後,2001 Verve 唱片老闆 Tommy LiPuma 一手打做出爵士天后 Diana Krall,加上結他手 Russell Malone, Paulinho Da Costa, Christian McBride, Peter Erskine 及倫敦交響樂團的滿分唱片,成為上文 Steely Dan “Gaucho” 20年後 -2001 年度”最佳非古典專輯策劃”錄音獎項。錄音師 Al Schmitt 是我的偶像。他所使用的監聽揚聲器是 Tannoy 生產的 10 吋同軸單元 (英國 Tannoy 廠房大火後停產),加上母帶製作之父 Doug Sax 設計獨特分音器,真空管 Manley 生產的 ML10。筆者有幸有此收藏。Doug Sax 用真空管製成唱片母帶。唱片的自然動態和音色都充滿韻味,高清版24bit / 96kHz 更把高低頻伸展加強。Tommy LiPuma, Al Schmitt 和 Doug Sax 更成為了爵士音樂幕後的鐵三角。 

HDtracks.com 是今日 HiRes 高清音樂寶庫。Chesky 兄弟及恩師 Bob Katz 的單點式錄音是所有音響愛好者所追求極致聲音。 

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#1 - momei :
2011-08-28 05:40:05

When buying from HKtracks, one should avoid choosing old recordings that are sold as high res commanding a premium. It is because they are probably upward sampled that should be sold at normal CD price. Many buyers have discovered the "scandal" and the matter may even escalate to a class action in the US. See
#2 - doctorjohn :
2011-08-28 06:25:44

Some are even not upsampled.

HiFi News recently had several articles on this. Even the vendor sometimes does not know, as they don't check.

#3 - ackcheng :
2011-08-28 11:06:18

I thought you need an US address to buy from HDTracks?
#4 - odysseyhk :
2011-08-28 13:00:44

You don't need US address if you use paypal instead of credit card.
#5 - ronnieng :
2011-08-28 23:24:49

Steely Dan: Gaucho SACD-R

#6 - MetalNuts :
2011-08-29 08:47:26

First, take a look at Computer Audiophile's website on discussion of HD Tracks. Some of the so called HD recordings are upsampled instead of genuine HD recordings.

Further, I have experience that the albums download are split into two or more in the JRiver due to the inconsistent tags amongst the tracks in the album, i.e. genre, album artist.
#7 - agentsmittie :
2011-08-29 08:57:21


If you use Paypal, you jus have to register in HDTRACKS with a US address and just use Paypal to settle the payment.

I have been using this loophole for years.
#8 - ackcheng :
2011-08-29 09:08:26

#9 - DWS :
2011-08-29 11:41:15

ackcheng, lots to enjoy.
I am buying music regularly every 2 weeks from there.
#10 - breadvan :
2011-08-30 14:52:47

"Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert" great choice Kent. Jasmine is another favorite of mine.

Hey guys, don't mention about using Paypal as a loophole, you know what they do with loopholes? They close it ;). HDTracks is indeed a great site, good recordings with great music, although they should have a policy on disclosing more information on the source of the files, right now they just blame issues on the music label.

By the way they are having 15% off until August 31, 2011.
#11 - breadvan :
2011-08-30 14:55:04

By the way Kent, any other ECM high-res recommendation ?

Are you aware of the 24/48 release of the 'Kind of Blue' by pristineclassical.com ?
#12 - hercules :
2011-09-01 00:14:33

Just brought BD Pure Audio Disc from 2L, titled harmOrgan, as featuring in 2011 AV show Disc. The package including BD disc, SACD disc in CD audio, SACD Stereo and Stereo, plus mShuttle content of 24/96 Flac, 16/44 wav and mp3 files, should be the same things as we can purchase from HDtracks for 17.98 and 11.98 USD, I think the mShuttle feature make better value than HDtracks download!!

#13 - agentsmittie :
2011-09-01 00:28:51

For what it's worth, my recent favorite ECM downloads from HDTRACKS are:

The Astounding Eyes Of Rita, by Anouar Brahem

Siwan by Jon Balke

#14 - DWS :
2011-09-01 02:15:36

This is exactly what we are releasing.

- Bluray HiRes playback compatible with all bluray players.
- mShuttle technologies for CAS lovers. (AIFF, FLAC, 1bit/5.6MHz DSD and MP3).

It is further delayed due to the first ever Asia Pure Audio bluray. But I expect 10-15 days it will launch to the market.

I have no idea how much it will going to cost, but this will be a very limited edition.

#15 - hercules :
2011-09-01 09:05:26


Just reserve one for me as I definitely want ONE!

#16 - breadvan :
2011-09-01 09:27:08

mShuttle is a very interesting way of distributing highres music but we coudl definitely use a LOT more titles, without a critical mass it is hard to survive, let's hope it grows and grows fast !
#17 - hercules :
2011-09-01 10:48:47

I like the way 2L doing:

SACD + Blu-Ray Disc and printed booklet

SACD contains CD Audio, SACD Stereo and Surround
Blu-Ray contains Video materials, Stereo 2.0 LPCM in 24/192, 5.1 surround in DTS HD Master Audio 24/192, FLAC 24/96, Wav 16/44 and mp3, HighRes Cover and electronic booklet via mShuttle environment.
#18 - hercules :
2011-09-01 10:51:28

Hi Kent:

The DSD copy of Trinity converted from PCM by SaraCon or Korg Audiogate? did you found significant difference between 2?
#19 - breadvan :
2011-09-01 11:06:55

2L is certainly a one of the leaders in high-res, I think a few of their discs were authored in a way so that listeners do not need to turn on their monitor to choose what version they want to play, they only need to press one of the yellow, green, blue or red buttons on all blu-ray players.

I am one of those that don't enjoy turning on the tv just to know which layer you are playing, eg, some of the DVD-A.
#20 - breadvan :
2011-09-01 11:08:06

By the way don't forget Reference Recordings HRx discs, available in MK.

#21 - DWS :
2011-09-01 12:29:45

This is exactly what AES-21id about. The user can playback Pure Audio Bluray without the monitor(TV)



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