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Audio Space Houston Mini-2 Integrated Amplifier
公司網頁 Audio Space 科寶
售價: HK$ 
意見總數 10 
平均得分 3.60 
產品簡介 - Output Power : 24W x2 /Class AB P-P (Ultralinear), 12W x2/Class AB P-P (Triode)n
- Frequency Response : 15Hz - 30KHz +/-1dBn
- T.H.D. : 85dbn
- Output Impedance : 4 ohm, 16 ohmn
- Channel Balance : < 1dBn
- Tubes : 5881 x 4, 12AX7(ECC-83) x 1, 12AU7(ECC-82) x 2n
- Dimension (D x W x H) : 240 x 345 x 175mmn
- Weight : 11 kg 


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#10: 由 Begnner tube 於 2002-04-11 01:29:29 提供
使用時間 少過一個月 
購買價錢 HK$5000 
用家意見 Well.... do recommend to change the tube to have a better performance. At this price to beat most of the amp.....strongly recommend for tube beginners to try this out. Definitely it will not disappoint you. For classical music lovers, match with Elac 510, does give you a good strings production. For vocal lovers, get other speaker that produce good mid range speakers. Clarity is gaurantee and speakers is subjective.

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