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公司網頁 Casio
售價: HK$4680 
平均得分 4.00 
產品簡介 Intel StrongARMTM SA-1110 Processor 206MHz 處理器, 64 MB儲存記憶體, 32 MBFlash ROM,Compact Flash Type II, SD/MMC, Pocket PC 2002 (英文版) 作業系統版本, 65536色反射性彩色TFT螢幕, 紅外線, USB 


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#1: 由 spiderman 於 2002-05-17 10:41:20 提供
使用時間 一個月至三個月 
購買價錢 HK$41XX 
用家意見 Pros:
-Bright screen
-Dual Expansion Slot, you can plug in a 802.11b compact flash card to get online while still having 128M SD card in your handheld. At this moment, only this handheld and the one from NEC has this feature but NEC only got 32M Ram on board
-Removable battery
-The Hong Kong Map software is quite useful
-USB cradle enable you to plug in a USB keyboard to the machine, very nice feature
-Battery life is reasonable unless you play games (such as SimCity)
-The case is very "plastic", not very professional
-The stylus is not firmly attached to the machine
-The Hong Kong Map software sometimes make the handheld hangs and no update
Currently the best-buy PPC, but there are more brilliant PPC using Xscale CPU are coming (Faster and save more power=> longer battery life) 
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