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Dell Axim X30
公司網頁 DELL
售價: HK$ 
平均得分 4.00 
產品簡介 Equipped with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system and familiar applications like Word and Exceln
Powered by the NEW Intel XScaleTM Processors at 624MHz with WMMXn
Brilliant 3.5" color TFT display for indoor and outdoor viewingn
Navigation button and scroll dial for easy access to informationn
Packed with 64MB SDRAM and 64MB Intel StrataFlash ROMn
Integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless technologiesn
Integrated Secure Digital / SDIO Now! / MMC card slot provides flexible expansionn
Removable Primary Battery with optional High Capacity Batteryn
Built-in microphone and speaker for easy recording on the gon


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#1: 由 lifelk (會員) 於 2005-01-11 15:14:17 提供
使用時間 三個月至一年 
購買價錢 HK$3580 
用家意見 Light, speedy, good machine. Dell offer me 2 batteries (1 slim and 1 large). I can recharge the PDA once a week or 2 weeks.

Bluetooth and wireless are good and easy to use.
SD slot is also convenience 
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