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Dell Axim X5
公司網頁 Dell
售價: HK$ 
平均得分 4.33 
產品簡介 Processor at 400MHz or 300MHz processor, 32MB or 64MB of SDRAM, and 32MB or 48MB of Flash ROM
Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Premium Edition and Microsoft Pocket Office applications
Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft MSN Messenger capable
USB Cradle (advanced Axim) with second battery charging slot
Integrated CompactFlash (CF) Type II and Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard slots to add storage or wireless communication cards
Removable Lithium Ion Battery and optional high capacity Lithium Ion Battery
Built-in microphone and speaker
Stereo headphone connector
IrDA port
Optional 802.11b wireless CF card for network or WiFi connectivity
Optional keyboards


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#3: 由 Tin 於 2003-04-13 21:49:14 提供
使用時間 少過一個月 
購買價錢 US$249 
用家意見 Just get it.

Buy it at special price with shipping cost ~ HK$1700

Intel® X-ScaleTM Processor at 300MHz

Bad with one dark point

If speaker can lounder, it is better.
On quiet place, it is OK.

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#2: 由 Mike (會員) 於 2003-03-22 23:15:08 提供
使用時間 少過一個月 
購買價錢 USD 3XX 
用家意見 Very Nice. but big and heavy.
the battery life is long.
transflective screen is sure a must. 
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