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Dell Axim X50V
公司網頁 DELL
售價: HK$ 
平均得分 4.50 
產品簡介 Microsoft Windows MobileTM 2003 Second Edition operating system with Windows Media Player 10 Mobilen
Powered by the Intel XScaleTM PXA270 Processor at 624MHzn
Brilliant 3.7" color TFT VGA display with 640x480 resolutionn
Integrated Intel 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memoryn
Integrated 802.11b and BluetoothTM Wireless Technologiesn
Packed with 64MB SDRAM and 128MB Intel StrataFlash ROMn
Integrated CompactFlash Type II and Secure Digital / SDIO Now! / MMC card slots provide flexible expansionn
VGA-Out Support with optional VGA Presentation Bundlen
Removable Primary Battery with optional High Capacity Batteryn
3.5mm Headphone / Headset Jack for Headsets to support VoIP and voice recognition applicationsn
Built-in microphone and speaker for easy recording on the gon
USB Cradle including Battery Charging Slotn


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#3: 由 kwok123 (會員) 於 2005-06-07 23:06:46 提供
使用時間 少過一個月 
購買價錢 HK$2800 
用家意見 I am also using Dell 50V PDA, and I am happy with it.

After using Palm, SonyPalm, Fujitsu Looks, HP2100 and HP4150, the most important thing I care about is stability. After three weeks of running, 50V is very stable and seldom hang.

Another important thing about PPC is battery life. 50V is definitely week at this point. I got 1100 and 2200 mAh batteries. 1100 is good for me when I am on everyday bus or MTR. 2200mAh is good for recording lecturer’s speech. At the end, I just stay with 2200mAh one.

Size and shape: I think 50V do look 80% like HP4150. Its build quality is good, I have no complaint.

Screen: With a VGA screen, 50V screen is not as sharp as HP4700. It is understandable. HP PDA always delivery the sharpest screen. HP4150 has the sharpest which I ever had, it is just too hard to compete with.

Price: I bought them 2nd hand for around $2700. I think it is very good very for money, as it is top of the series.

Accessories: You can find many value-for-money on their web site. They are all very cheap in compare with HP.

Con.: Dell will not repair your PDA after 1 year warranty. For HP, at least you can, even though at a high cost. So, u should look after your PDA carefully………..

Finally, I just ordered a BT Keyboard from Dell.Cost-$642. I will use it in library and classroom.
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#2: 由 dtb (會員) 於 2005-06-05 21:30:45 提供
使用時間 一個月至三個月 
購買價錢 HK$3299 
用家意見 I was shopping around a couple of months ago for replacing my old trusty 5 years old Palm IIIc. Well, moving away from the Palm camp is a big move for me but PPC does offer me a better environment for multimedia capability. The final list comes down to 3 units, Dell X50v, HP4700 and HP2750.

HP2750 was kicked out of the pack quickly as it costs $4300(!!) and offer QVGA (320x200) screen only. So the list was shortlisted to X50v and HP4700.

For X50v, paying 3299 dollar, I've got almost every top notch equipment packed in this PDA, Intel PXA270 624Mhz CPU, Intel 2700G GPU, 3.7" VGA (640x480), Blue Tooth, WiFi, CF/SD.... and a 1000 odd dollar cheaper than the nearest rival HP4700. In terms of Price Performance analysis, this is simply a winner.

- Using Fastest CPU and GPU on the market
- Cheap
- Can use both CF and SD at the same time

- The Intel 2700G is not yet optimized for Windows Mobile 2003 SE yet. Probably need to wait until the release of Windows Mobile 2005. Thus the Graphic performance is not as good as HP4700.
- Short Battery life, only 1100mAh (as compare to 1800mAh for HP4700)
- The VGA screen is not as vibrant as the HP4700

Final Word
If you can get a top notch PDA at 3000 odd dollar, why pay extra 1500 odd for the HP4700? Get the HP4700 only if you need great movie quality and you use your PDA to watch movies frequently. However, the price is till too steep and I don't see why I have to pay the premium for that extra bit of benefit.

For more review by other's Dell owner, you may go to

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#1: 由 winy (會員) 於 2005-06-05 18:50:55 提供
使用時間 三個月至一年 
購買價錢 HK$2940 
用家意見 company offer 5 sets price(@$2940) + 2 battery + 2 warranty + Spare Adaptor (totaly 2 units) (but not Memory card)

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