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Handspring Treo 180
公司網頁 Handspring
售價: HK$ 
平均得分 4.00 
產品簡介 Dual-band world phone* n
Integrated dialing from PhoneBook n
Instant Lookup—find any name in a few keystrokes n
Speed dialing n
3-way calling n
Personal speakerphone n
Headset jack and included headset n
Call history n
Vibrating and system sound mute modes n
External ringer switch n
GPRS upgradeable upon availability n
*Dual-band phone comes in two versions: 900/1900 MHz (only sold in North America) and 900/1800 MHz (sold in Asia Pacific and Europe). The 900/1900 MHz world phone can be used on GSM 900 networks anywhere and in North America on GSM 1900 networks 


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#1: 由 open (會員) 於 2005-01-02 22:29:26 提供
使用時間 只是試用過 
購買價錢 HK$980 
用家意見 腦場宜家賣980大元,凈電話都好抵,如果唔介意舊model 
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