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公司網頁 MSC (Vintion)
售價: HK$ 
平均得分 4.50 
產品簡介 Supporting MP3、WMA、VBR、MP3Pron
Resume : Resume off 、Resume Time 、 Resume Trackn
Scroll : LEV-1、LEV-2、LEV-3、LEV-4、LEV-5n
Contrast: LEV-1、LEV-2、LEV-3、LEV-4、LEV-5n
Light : Normal、link、ever、nevern
Play Mode : Normal,One Repeat,All Repeat,Random 


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#1: 由 Cherry 於 2003-09-23 23:40:46 提供
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購買價錢 HK$ 980 
用家意見 This MP3 is only for the people who barely listen to Mp3 files because it lacks of record and FM radio function. Although the player can't provide many functions, it is worth buying. First, it can play 40 hours by using a AAA battery. That is a specification that any MP3 can't compare although some MP3 players use AA battery. Second, it can play VBR and MP3 Pro files.  
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