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Palm Tungsten T3
公司網頁 Palm
售價: HK$3110 
平均得分 4.00 
產品簡介 -320×480高解象度顯示屏n
-XScale 400MHz處理器n
-64MB RAMn


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#2: 由 IRQ 於 2004-08-28 17:40:16 提供
使用時間 三個月至一年 
購買價錢 HK$2380 
用家意見 1.400MHz CPU 速度反應快!
2.64mB 內存在使用上相當方便

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#1: 由 bunnyfeet (會員) 於 2003-12-30 12:14:46 提供
使用時間 少過一個月 
購買價錢 HK$3180 
用家意見 豐澤行貨, 10Dec2003 IFC Roadshow 買入
0. Very bright and clear screen. Color performance is good. White is white instead of a little bit pale blue in Clie.
1.big screen very good for reading article and appledaily.
2. very fast application switching and opening. Open programs from SD card is like open it from internal memory.
3. body build is solid. the slider is firm but ok to slide out.
4. since i use Clie before, the stylus design is a suprise to me. good one!
5. fast switching between landscape and portrait
1. Battery life is damn short. i played warefare incorperated for 1.5 hrs and the fully charged one drops to 20 %.
2. if the backlight is in 100% brightness, battery runs out in 30 hrs for normal use.
3. Not so stable. sometimes hangs and need reset. should be due to the ROM problem. date of ROM for mine is 22 Sep 2003 but those for replacement had ROM dated Nov 2003. no SD access problem, no dark corner/side on LCD, better audio, faster CPU speed, bla bla bla.

I am still struggling about whether i should replace it in Fortress. Or should I upgrade the ROM? hmm.... 
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