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Pioneer DV-AX10
公司網頁 Pioneer (Japan)
售價: HK$28,880 
意見總數 11 
平均得分 3.77 
產品簡介 尺吋/重量: W440xH150xD394mm / 24 kg。 


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#11: 由 hkskw 於 2001-03-06 12:58:32 提供
使用時間 多過一年 
購買價錢 HK$ 
用家意見 The Mar 01 Hi Fi Review magazine confirms again that as far as video quality is concerned, the ranking is Pioneer DV-AX10, Toshiba flagship and Sony flagship. AX10 is still number one. When it comes to audio part, AX10 will be a much better gear than the other two. Luxman is clever that it buys AX10 video part to put in their new and very expensive new gear. 
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