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Sony Clie PEG TJ35
公司網頁 Sony (HK)
售價: HK$ 
平均得分 2.00 
產品簡介 -Palm OS 5.2.1作業系統n
-Memory Stick Pro記憶體插槽n


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#3: 由 Bear 於 2003-11-16 13:56:19 提供
使用時間 少過一個月 
購買價錢 HK$2180 
用家意見 I don't know if I am unlucky or not. This Clie has brought me lots of inconvenience --- I have been to the Sony Shop to exchange for a new one for more than 3 times!!!

The backlight of the first TWO TJ-35 were broke down a few days after. Right now, I am using the third Clie, and hope it can work properly. However, the little hook at the cover was loose, and I am waiting for their reply.

Although the experience of using the TJ-35 was painful, I have no regret to buy this Sony product. I really like its compact size and elegant design. The 手感 is good too.

扺買指數: When you once paid $3,000 for a Palm V (2MB,B/W, no software) only a few years ago , you will definintely think all the Palm / Clie available today are inexpensive. However, compared with Tungsten E, which has almost all necessary softwares (except Isilo) and priced $600 lower, TJ-35 is not attractive.
That means, if you are a new Palm user, I will recommend you to buy Tungsten E instead of TJ-35.  
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