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Sony DAV-S300
公司網頁 SONY (HK)
售價: HK$4,950 
平均得分 3.55 
產品簡介 - Compact DVD/VCD/CD compatible player
- Built-in dts, Dolby Digital and Dolby Prologic Decoder
- Built-in 5.1Channel Digital Amplifier 30Wx5 30W
- FM/AM Tuner (can preset 30 radio stations)
- With 5.1 Channel Speaker System (Micro Satellite Speakers x5, Passive Sub Woofer x 1)
- S-video, AV Input x1, AV Output x2
- 27MHz, 10 bit Video D/A converter
- 尺吋/重量: W355xH70xD365mm / 3.8 kg。


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#9: 由 Group Test 於 2001-12-22 11:54:56 提供
使用時間 只是試用過 
購買價錢 HK$3,480 
用家意見 The price has been reduced to a concessional level but is expected to further lower to $3K.

Poor speaker set, not better than those unknown brand cost $1K.

If the price is down to $3K, take it - even only the main body worth $3K. And recommend to spend $2.5 - 3K for a speaker set as replacement.

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#8: 由 buyer 於 2001-12-11 00:11:47 提供
使用時間 不適用 
購買價錢 HK$ 
用家意見 pls advise where is fry electronic ? I really want to buy one @US370, BTW, is it water goods ? 
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#7: 由 Jack Yen 於 2001-12-10 17:41:47 提供
使用時間 只是試用過 
購買價錢 USD. 370 
用家意見 I buy this at fry electronic, I think it's very cheap. The performance is O.K. but I am complain about the output.

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#6: 由 DO DO 於 2001-11-23 21:41:07 提供
使用時間 三個月至一年 
購買價錢 HK$4500 
用家意見 Very good in whole set whatever screen quality or sound system, if your room not too big <200sq feet that is suit it. PS: Very easy to set up in 30 mins though. 
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#5: 由 brc 於 2001-07-08 23:39:58 提供
使用時間 只是試用過 
購買價錢 HK$ 
用家意見 Make sure you have tested the similar ones, like Panasonic before you decide to buy this DAV-300, you will find the sound output is unacceptable. 
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#4: 由 Anthony Chan 於 2001-01-30 23:45:22 提供
使用時間 一個月至三個月 
購買價錢 HK$ 4600 
用家意見 Marvellous, Reasonable price, good quality.
Easy set up and really all-in-one.
The sound output from the small speakers is so good and comparable with Boss similar system, except the output is less powerful, but enough if < 100 sq. space.
P.S. Don't be cheated by some demonstration in some electric applicance shop, the output and sound output is far better than the demo after you set up appropriately at home. 
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#3: 由 JUBILO 於 2000-09-28 13:48:32 提供
使用時間 不適用 
購買價錢 HK$4300 
用家意見 To: 影音
$4,300? Where?
Parallet Import or official product?
Much tks. 
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#2: 由 影音 於 2000-07-17 13:56:21 提供
使用時間 一個月至三個月 
購買價錢 HK$4300 
用家意見 In this reason price, you can obtain a DTS, DD5.1 DVD, 6 speaker, 4 specker stand.
The sound is acceptable if you listen at 100-150 square feets size room.
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#1: 由 小強 於 2000-05-23 15:00:31 提供
使用時間 只是試用過 
購買價錢 HK$46xx 友誠價 
用家意見 噚日係友誠試過隻 S300,畫質一般。但係音質同 Output Power 就好似 Mini HiFi。好細聲,開大聲o的都柝。用隻 Saving Private Bryan 試 DTS Ouput,o的槍聲唔係分得好清楚(可能開得大聲左,有o的柝)。

如果間屋唔係好大,又要玩 DTS,都幾低玩。

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