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SONY KV-36DZ900 (日本版)
公司網頁 SONY (Japan)
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用家意見 Oh man. This is the TV! The TV shocked the Japan market as well as the HK market. I use Pionner DV-AX10 (still king of Japan DVD player)to feed progressive component signal to it ----- that's the picture quality to die for. For all NTSC signals like LD, DV camcorder, PS2, Dreamcast, etc., you will be surprised at the pciture quality you see. Why so beautiful! The super fine pitch CRT is really working. With the samsung system converter (with VCR) and JVC S-VHS multi VCR, the TVB, ATV, etc. picture is also good. If you are a poor man who is not going to spend a fortune for the >$100000 in projector, buy this TV. The TV made for Hong Kong market can never have the same picture quality. No need to wait for the multi-system TV for progressive DVD. 
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