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Sony MW-MS70D
公司網頁 Sony (HK)
售價: HK$2998 
意見總數 10 
平均得分 3.55 
產品簡介 全球首部支援Memory Stick DuoTM Network Walkman n
鈦金屬外殼,輕巧堅固 n
內置256MB -- 可儲存最長11小時40分及具備Memory Stick DuoTM插槽作擴展用 n
ATRAC3 Plus / ATRAC3錄音格式並支援MP3,WAV及WMA格式 n
USB插座令充電及接駁電腦更容易 n
可利用USB接駁電腦取電或用火牛充電 n
長時間播放(約33小時,ATRAC3格式)及兩種顏色LCD顯示 n


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#10: 由 Agnes 於 2003-04-24 10:52:10 提供
使用時間 少過一個月 
購買價錢 HK$2998 
用家意見 I just buy last nite. It's very good. Very light & small. I just put in my jeans pocket can go out on the street. Also the outlook is very cool. The sound is good, just like CD's quality. Also very easy to use. This mp3 player already internal 256, so no need to add the Memory Stick now. I just use it started form last nite, so I still haven't found out any problems of this machine. But just found some trouble of the software. Because Sony need to protect their copywrite. The software just can install to 1 computer. (That's means I install in my Home PC and I can't install to my office pc) Also they have the "Check in/Check out"system.(it's hard to explain in here, if you interesting, pls ask Sony). Anyway, if I found any problem of this machine, I will tell to yours later. 
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