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Sony Clie PEG-S500C
公司網頁 SONY (HK)
售價: HK$ 
平均得分 3.50 
產品簡介 SONY PEG-S500C: 首部採用Palm OS,Memory Stick個人數碼助理
- Simplicity access to network
- Adoption of jog dial
- Memory stick support
- Small size & light weight, long operation time
- Hot Sync Technology (USB Interface)

- 操作系統: 日本語版 Palm OS version 3.5
- 中央處理器: Dragonball EZ (20MHz)
- 記憶體: 8MB (DRAM) / 4MB (Flash) / 8Mb(Ms)
- 連繫界面: USB / serial / infrared
- 液晶顯示: Back light on-board color liquid crystal
- 解像度: 160 x 160 DOTS
- 顏色: 256 colors
- 體積(WxHxD): 70.9 X 114.7 x 15.2 mm
- 重量: 120g
- 電池壽命(built-in power source): 15 days
- 發售日期: 2000/9/9 


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#1: 由 Ben 於 2001-05-18 14:10:20 提供
使用時間 三個月至一年 
購買價錢 HK$2800 
用家意見 I love this gear since the size is small, I can store the pictures in MS stick and directly read out by Picture gear. I can also run the program directly form the MS.

However, the screen contrast is not good enough. Reading document will be very tired.

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