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Westlake Audio Lc6.75
公司網頁 Westlake Audio
售價: HK$15,000 
平均得分 4.00 
產品簡介 The Lc 6.75 is a compact 2-way monitor that is ideal for applications with limited space. It provides super transient response with very good bass for its size. The aligned cabinet design helps smooth frequency response, and dual front mounted ports extend the bass response. The n
Lc 6.75 is also available in a shielded version for use near video monitors.n


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#1: 由 Chang 於 2002-08-31 09:17:40 提供
使用時間 多過一年 
購買價錢 HK$20000 
用家意見 Very good! Outstanding Speaker! Great Bass - very solid.

Problem is, difficult to find a amp to match. AV Amp is definitely not suitable to drive Lc6.75

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